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Michele is a great lawyer that will protect her client fiercely in court, she love to share her knowledge of the law with her clients but more importantly she is a caring lawyer. Michele is the type of lawyer that does not shy away from a challenge. I know this first hand because of what we went through with one of our eviction case. 2 days before a trial our lawyer bailed out on us due to fee disputes and common direction of the case, this lawyer was from the top law firm in San Diego. We had two days to find a replacement lawyer and was in panic mode facing a well known opposition. We talked to Michele and she took on the challenge, went to trial defending us with very limited information because the previous lawyer did not send back the complete case work on time.

Michele argued and defended us zealously throughout the trial and when it was finally over, she was still in protection mode and making sure our interest is looked after. I can't speak highly enough about Michele as a lawyer and after many unfortunate lawyer experiences we will retain her service indefinitely as long as she continue to practice law.


Kevin & Phuong N.

GREAT LAWYER! Michele's fees are fair, upfront and she does not overcharge. She guided us through two evictions and has helped us even after the case is over. She replied to phone calls and emails within the same day. At trial she was aggressively defending our interests, I just hope she will continue practicing law because after 3 different lawyers, she is the only attorney that we can trust.


Tom N.