Protect Your Property Investment From Unruly Tenants

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No matter its size, your property represents a major investment of your time and money. You shouldn't have to jeopardize that investment over issues with your tenant. The Law Office of Michele L. Snyder offers comprehensive landlord law services in the San Diego, CA, Mission Hill and Hillcrest areas. You can trust attorney Michele L. Snyder to help you settle your tenant issues quickly.

Some landlord and tenant cases are small claim court matters but the process is actually more complex than people are aware of. Regardless of the side, landlord or tenant, you need to be aware of the rights that you have. Turn to a knowledgeable attorney today.

Were you given an eviction notice? Landlords will normally give a 30-day or 60-day eviction notice to give you a warning that an eviction is approaching. Once this occurs, legal action should be taken. When working with an eviction notice attorney, they will make sure that the notice given provides all the mandatory information. If the eviction notice does not include all of the required information, it must be filed again by the landlord. Attorney Michele L. Synder knows how to take care of your landlord, tenant and eviction notice cases in San Diego, CA, Mission Hill and Hillcrest areas. Call today!

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Send a clear message to your tenant

The Law Office of Michele L. Snyder can help you through a wide range of landlord-tenant disputes. If your tenant won't return your calls or take your instructions seriously, you can trust attorney Snyder to:

  • Draft a legal eviction notice
  • Send payment collection documents
  • Create new lease contracts
  • Create estate planning closing contracts

To get help drafting an eviction notice for your tenant, contact the Law Office of Michele L. Snyder today. You can schedule a free phone consultation right away.