Serving an Eviction Notice in San Diego, CA?

Serving an Eviction Notice in San Diego, CA?

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The Law Office of Michele L. Snyder represents landlords throughout the San Diego, California area who need to evict a tenant. Attorney Snyder will provide legal representation if the eviction notice leads to legal action.

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3 facts about California landlord law you should know

Do you need to serve an eviction notice and want to make sure you’re covered by state landlord law? Here are three things to know about your rights as a landlord:

  1. You can evict a tenant if they violate the terms of the lease or don’t pay their rent.
  2. You must give a tenant a least 30 days’ notice if they’re renting month-to-month or week-to-week.
  3. You’re expected to give the tenant 3 days to remedy the lease violation before you evict them.

If one of your tenants is creating problems or breaking their lease, they should be evicted. Call the Law Office of Michele L. Snyder in San Diego, CA today to learn more about serving an eviction notice.